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Star: Anthony Verusso

Drilligan's Island
Drilligan's Island
Release Date: 1/26/2016
Manufacturer: Manville
Director: Austin
Stars: Alex Greene | Anthony Verusso | Blake Dawson | Chase Young | Justin Dean | Kirk Cummings | Trevor Knight
Drilligan's Island is a hardcore parody of your favorite bungling castaways. With Drilligan, the Skipper too, the millionaire and his trick, the Porno Star, the Professor and Bobby Dan, you'll get all the laughs, hijinks and scintillating all-male sex that you desire. Trouble starts when a horny witch doctor uses naughty voodoo dolls to drive Drilligan and friends into each others' arms... and between their legs. Will the group be rescued by famed porn producer Harold Hedonism? Will Drilligan and the Skipper stop the witch doctor before their friends drown in each others cum? Join in right here, friends, you're sure to get a smile and a hard on from seven stranded castaways here on Drilligan's Isle